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4514 Prather Rd Sellersburg, IN 47172
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Andesign is an energetic, vibrant company, and we transfer that energy to our clients’ projects and programs. In identifying and emphasizing three elements that have been key to continued client satisfaction, we’ve created a kinetic environment for inspired, individualized service.

COMMITMENT TO CREATIVITY Always in search of exciting new products, fresh marketing approaches, bold ways to combine product with presentation for maximum impact, and the most effective visuals to enhance brand identity, we at Andesign draw heavily upon our creativity in crafting the most effective promotional products and programs for our clients.

COMMITMENT TO INDIVIDUALIZED ATTENTION We’ve built our reputation upon our ability to create, advise, respond and adapt, all according to very specific client needs. This means understanding your project, your objectives, your channels of distribution and your budget; it means that every team member at Andesign approaches each undertaking from the client’s point of view.

COMMITMENT TO QUALITY Andesign knows that quality of service and quality of product, above all else, make for successful promotional products programs. Here, quality isn’t a mere platitude. Quality, as we employ it on behalf of our clients, is quantifiable. We create solutions and programs that perform...

"A Winner never Quits and a Quitter never Wins!"

"Some people dream of success. Others wake up and work hard at it."